05 September, 2009

Project Eureka

Robert Benea left a comment to "The greatest math problem ever" post, with a link to the Project Eureka website, featuring a huge number of different math and logical puzzles. He also added the problem there, in the "very easy" section.


Gleno said...

(Sorry that this is unrelated to the topic at hand, but I wanted to ask.)


As an American who's been to Belarus and worked with high school kids in an academic setting, I found that kids in Belarus seemed to take their studies much more seriously and had a much stronger focus on math and science. Would you say my perspective is accurate or skewed?



Lemeshko said...

Dear Gleno,

Thanks for your comment. A question: have you worked in a usual school, or in the one with a math/science major?

This subject probably deserves another post...


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I'm surprised no one has given it a thumb up on StumbleUpon yet. I have - hopefully more people will find their way to it now.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Lemeshko said...

Thanks, Ivana!

Gleno said...


I confess that I do not know for certain if the school was a specialized one, or merely a more conventional institution. I do know that the students all seemed quite brilliant to me, at least in comparison with the average American high school student. They all spoke multiple languages, all spoke of nightly homework loads that would make the above average student in the US burts into tears, and they were all fabulously motivated to excel in their academics.

Is this then norm in Belarus, or was I exposed to students who were the best of their peers?


Lemeshko said...

I think the latter... This school was definitely the "specialized" one. Also, I hardly believe, that a teacher from the US would be invited to any "normal" school.

Robert Benea said...

Hello Misha,

I want to clarify that the rating of my site is not controlled by me, but by the community, for some reason most of the community (or at least the ppl who solved the problem) found the problem very easy. I actually would have labeled it as medium-hard.


Lemeshko said...

No problem, Robert, let the community decide what the level is...