14 October, 2010

A nice title

It's an art to write a title in such a way that no one even needs to read an article:

"In general, the less degeneracy the less transition. A principle for time‐dependent Hamiltonian systems in quantum mechanics", H. Gingold, J. Math. Phys. 28, 2400 (1987).


05 October, 2010

Physics Nobel Prize 2010

I was about to make a joke that the third part of the Nobel Prize should have been awarded to Andre Geim's hamster Tisha, but I better don't :-)


04 October, 2010

The scientist whose rudeness cost him a Nobel prize

The Nobel week began today, and The Guardian published a nice article about Fred Hoyle, the scientist who should have gotten a Nobel prize, but never did.


02 October, 2010

Ivan Pacheco's drum solo

A weekend drumming video

The snare sound isn't perfect in this video, but this "elbow thing" at 2:14 is completely sick. :-)


01 October, 2010

Google street view in Antarctica

There is no Google street view in Germany, but there is one in Antarctica.

Penguins might sue these guys for privacy violation...


A Million Random Digits Book

Back to Russia I had two favorite books: one was called "The history of the USSR in IX-XIII centuries" (yes, of the USSR!), and the second one was "Tables of prime numbers from 2 to [some 10-digit prime number I don't remember]"

Actually, there exist something more weird than that: a book called "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates" published by the RAND corporation. Only $81 on amazon.com.

Don't ask me how I found it. :-)


Brian Josephson

It turned out that Brian Josephson, who received the 1973 Nobel prize in Physics for prediction of the Josephson effect, is an active protagonist of cold fusion and parapsychology.

That's funny.

Take care,