02 April, 2016

Blogging While Untenured and Other Extreme Sports

Hello there,

In the good old times I used to be a blogger. Moreover, this blog still appears on the first page of the Google output if one searches for my name.

Long story short, I decided to follow the classic piece by Christine Hurt and Tung Yin (or did I misunderstand their advice?) and give blogging another try after several years of silence.

As a faculty, I do not really have more time as I used to have being a postdoc, when blogging became a luxury that I could not afford. I feel, however, that now I might have more stories to tell, and those will be lost if I don't put them out somewhere.

Not much has changed concerning the things that excite me - it's still mostly funny stories from science and its history, although we'll see how it goes (and how long I will last as a blogger this time :-)

Take care,



who? said...

Hi there, I'm gonna be your visitor, from time to time :)

John M Kerr said...

Welcome back!