20 January, 2011

Physical Review X

American Physical Society started a new journal - Physical Review X. It's somehow analogous to the New Journal of Physics: an online-only open-access journal, covering all branches of physics. As far as I understand, there will be no page limit for articles, and you'll have to pay $1500 to publish there (you also retain copyright to your articles due to open-access).

The first call for papers opens in March 2011, so hurry up! :-)

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Roman V. Shapovalov said...

Why fees are so large? It's an on-line journal, after all.
Is it typical for physics?

Lemeshko said...

Well, most of the physics journals publish articles for free. In this case the publisher gets money from readers selling the subscribtion.

But there are open-acces journals, such as New. J. Phys. and freshly created Phys. Rev. X, that don't charge readers for anything, but get the publication fee from authors instead.