27 April, 2010

Do you still use Comic Sans in your presentations?

Here is what Vincent Connare, creator of the Comic Sans font thinks about it:

"You know, I just have to ask, like, why? Why the hell do people choose Comic Sans? It boggles the mind. There are more than 200 fonts in Mac OS X and Windows Vista, meaning there are much better fonts out there for most everything. But people still choose Comic Sans for the most retarded, improper uses. I made Comic Sans to fill a dog’s speech bubble in Microsoft Bob. Then the marketing department got ahold of it, and they included it in the OEM version of Windows 95. And that is when my problems began. I don’t know if you can really understand what it is like to have your life defined by the most improperly used font in history. I am introduced as ‘the guy who created Comic Sans,’ and I think people have a viscerally negative reaction to that."

Here is his presentation I Hate Comic Sans.

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