02 February, 2010

Something you should know about vodka

On the 31-st of January 1865 the author of the periodic table of elements Dmitri Mendeleev defended the doctoral dissertation "On the Combinations of Water with Alcohol":

People often say that in this piece Mendeleev proved that the solubility is the best for 40% of alcohol and 60% of water, and thereby invented vodka as we know it. Unfortunately, that's nothing but an urban legend: Russians were drinking vodka long before Mendeleev was even born.


Vayun said...

May be he really did prove it. Before people were drinking without being sure about that) What was "vodka conjecture" became "vodka theorem"!

Lemeshko said...

True, but [as far as I know], the 40% concentration was not found to be anything special in the Mendeleev's thesis.

Drunks just need to blame somebody and have a scientific excuse for drinking )