17 April, 2009

arXiv endorsement

Many years ago, the arXive was successfully working without any peer-review. But at some point, they started to get a lot of really odd submissions from science freaks, about new "theories of everything", violation of general relativity theory and other things of this sort.

Therefore, an "endorsement" mechanism was introduced, so anyone who submitted a few papers to archive can recommend a preprint of a new guy to be accepted. This is not a true peer-review, the endorser is only expected to check whether the preprint is about science in general, like it doesn't pretend to prove how stupid Einstein was. Not all the archive sections require endorsement - I guess, only fundamental topics, like high-energy physics do.

I'm an endorser for the atomic physics and chemical physics sections, which is quite useless, since no endorsement is needed there. However, today I've got the first "can you endorse me, please?" kind of message, and, yes, this is one from a science freak. I don't know what to do, I must confess. :-)


Daniel Lemire said...

Isn't it obvious?

Lemeshko said...

I guess it is. But I was surprised that in our not really fundamental science there are some freaks as well.

kolahalb said...

Hi, can you please give me an information? I wanted to put one of my papers in ArXiv Classical Physics section. I have asked endorsement from an endorser in the relevant field. And he has agreed. But the problem is that I do not have the endorsement code. Can you please tell me where from one gets this six character endorsement code?

Prima Facie said...

can u suggest me an endorser i m not able to find one