22 March, 2009

Chemical Physics vs Physical Chemistry

At one of the last conferences I've attended, we've got a nice informal discussion about a usual subject "what is the difference between physical chemistry and chemical physics". We concluded that there might be a following way to distinguish between those. If you measure/calculate the reaction cross section, you are definitely a chemical physicist. But, if you multiply the cross section by the velocity, and therefore measure/calculate the reaction rate, you belong to the physical chemistry community. What is your opinion on that?


Stasia Gonchar said...

chemical physicists are not only calculating cross sections

Lemeshko said...

The point actually was, how to distinguish between physical chemists and chemical physicists, working in reactive scattering business. :-)

schnitt.ek said...

You should just watch for the behaviour of the definite sample, being let into the room with undefined samples, it will make contacts with its own species.