05 February, 2009

Yeah, well, I'm gonna go make my own ranking, with blackjack and hookers!

... In fact, forget the ranking!

This is perhaps what the Futurama's Bender would say, while working in Moscow State University

In 2008 MSU took the 70th place in the World's university ranking held by Shanghai university. In 2007 and 2006 these were 76 and 70 places. This is actually not bad. For instance, MSU was ranked as 186th university in some other ratings.

What one can do with it? It's kind of simple. The university president decided to make his own ranking, and now MSU has the the 5th place (Russian). The lucky guys that took first four places will be announced this month. 

That's probably a good way to push science and encourage scientists...

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Anonymous said...

Странно... Всегда думала, что МГУ - один из лучших вузов в мире...