26 November, 2008


I came across an interesting service - 2collab, a tool for scientific bookmarking, sharing and collaborating. It looks like an academic analogue of delicious. This project was started by Elsevier, and therefore any article from Elsevier journal may be immediately bookmarked using an "add 2collab" button at the journal website - and all the bibliographic data will be automatically transferred.  Unfortunately, at the moment no other journals have such buttons. Of course, one can bookmark absolutely any webpage, but in this case one should write up the bookmark description (title, etc.) by hands, which can take a while.

For this day, 2collab seems to be not very popular among the researchers, but I hope it will change soon.


Camelia Csora said...

Hi Misha,

Thanks for checking out 2collab!

Did you know that if you add the 2collab button to your browser (http://www.2collab.com/addtocollab) you can bookmark any webpage? Also, 2collab will then automatically add the metadata and citation details for any article from any publisher's journal so long as there's an identifiable DOI or article title.

Hope you find 2collab to be a useful research tool in the future (you can let me know more at feedback@2collab.com if you'd like).

Camelia (2collab product manager)

Lemeshko said...

Dear Camelia, thanks for your feedback! Of course, I did know that you can bookmark any webpage you want using the 2collab browser button.

However, the automatic transfer of metadata doesn't work properly.

Please, check it out: here is the link to one of my last articles, J.Chem.Phys. 129, 024301 (2008):


The webpage contains DOI, but 2collab cannot import the metadata correctly.

The same issue occurs for journals published by APS, Phys.Rev.A, for instance:


It will be great, if these problems may be solved...

Thanks in advance,

Jan said...


another tool you might be interested in is Mendeley (I'm on of the co-founders). Mendeley (www.mendeley.com) is two things: Free academic desktop software (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) for managing & sharing research papers, and a website where you can back up and access your research papers, discover research trends, and connect to like-minded researchers.

Mendeley extracts metadata from PDF documents (e.g. also DOI's, if available) and adds the documents and their metadata to your research library. You can also easily create a profile on Mendeley Web and Mendeley will automatically take your publications from Mendeley Desktop and display them on your page.

We will have a major new release the next days. Have a look, and if you have any further questions just send me an e-mail.

Best wishes
Jan (jan.reichelt@mendeley.com)

Lemeshko said...

Thanks, Jan, I already signed up there. Let's see...