11 September, 2010

It tears me apart

Some people have problems with choosing between two men or women, two job offers and things like that. They say “it tears me apart”, which always reminds me a story from my childhood.

We’ve been little kids, about 10-11 years old, waiting for our English teacher in the classroom. For some reason our teacher was late, we’ve been very noisy and the director asked one of the security guards to come by to watch us and keep us quiet. The guy was a resigned soldier, and, as many of those, he took part in the first Chechen war (I’m talking about mid-90’s). All of us, especially boys, have been asking him what war is about.

He told us a story. Once they captured a girl, a Chechenian sniper, who had eleven ticks on the butt of her rifle, which means she killed eleven Russian soldiers. They didn’t think a lot, they just tied her to two tanks and teared her apart for real. I still remember a relaxed, casual face he had talking about that.

Little everyday things don’t tear you apart. It could be worse.

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milieu said...

Yes, for most of our history, humans have had struggled with physical brutality of their environment and other humans. Its only recently that whole generations have been raised who have no idea of what that means. (Neither do I!). But its a nice story to give some perspective to our troubles.